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About me

I was fascinated by living things and especialy plants from my childhood on.
I studied biology in Graz, Austria, and did a Master-thesis about the fungal genus "Stamnaria" which is most likely confined to growing on various horsetails, Equisetum spp.
Have found and named some new species of those fungi, but unfortunately publication is waiting on me :-(
Since having some experience concerning different groups of plants, i will use it for some revision of misidentified and critical species, esp. Pteridophytes.
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Erwin Gruber
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Am graduated as Mag. rer. nat at Karl-Franzens-University, Graz, Austria. Worked on genus Stamnaria Fuckel, and described several new taxa in master-thesis, yet unpublished. At time not affiliated to any institution, but have profound knowledge about several groups of plants and fungi.

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Some genera of Pteridophytes, Horsetails, Pinaceae and some Ascomycetes, esp. growing on Equisetum.