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I work with a variety of amazing animals, but my focus and passion is with Chrysocyon brachyurus, or maned wolf. I am my institution's Maned Wolf SSP® institutional representative and am also on the Maned Wolf SSP® Management Committee. I have a B.S. in Biology, have completed AZA Professional Management School, and will soon be working on an M.S. in Conservation Biology. In addition to my involvement in captive animal management and educating and inspiring zoo visitors and interns, I also like to help bring people and information together, through collaborative opportunities, to help save wildlife. EOL is a great tool for this.

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Kim Clark
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an educator, a professional scientist
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I am Senior Zookeeper/Educator at an AZA accredited Zoo, I am on the Maned Wolf SSP® management committee, I have completed AZA professional management school, and I am a professional member of AZA and AAZK. I am currently starting the application process for a M.S. degree in Conservation Biology.
Curation scope
Natural History and Conservation of mammals, specifically, the orders Carnivora, Pilosa, Cingulata, Rodentia, Primates, and the genus Didelphis. Species include maned wolf, armadillo, giant anteater, virginia opossum, tiger, cheetah, gibbon, and tamandua.