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1. Private consultant (title Biodiversity Scientist) serving federal agencies and conservation organizations. Research Collaborator with EOL at the Smithsonian Institution. 2. latest peer-reviewed publications: Morris, R., A. Olson, G. Riccardi, G. Whitbread, V. Barve, G. Hagedorn, P. Leary, I. Teage, D. Mozzherin, C. Freeland, M. Carausu, J. Cuarda, and V. Chavan. (Accepted). Discovery and Publishing of Primary Biodiversity Data associated with Multimedia Resources: The Audubon Core Strategies and Approaches. Biodiversity Informatics – anticipated publication date: Fall, 2011. Heidorn, P. B., and A. Olson. 2010. The National Biological Information Infrastructure. Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Third Edition. Taylor & Francis. 3. ESA, Society of Conservation Biology, Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG).
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My doctoral dissertation was on the behavioral ecology of the long-nosed mongoose, Crossarchus obscurus, but included a review of the behavioral ecology of the entire Family Herpestidae.