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I'm an amateur entomologist and botanist, fairly well-versed in the flora and fauna of eastern North America. I've been active as an editor on since 2004. More of my photos:
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Patrick Coin
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an enthusiast, an educator, a citizen scientist
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I am an experienced amateur zoologist and botanist in my area (eastern North America), with some experience in other areas. Have been a "contributing editor" on since 2004 and have picked up a lot of experience there--contributed about 2,700 photographs and created about 1,800 guide pages (taxon accounts or glossary entries, see ). Have also contributed photographs to Eaton and Kaufman's Insect Guide, Art Evans' upcoming guide to eastern beetles (and his earlier insect guide), and NWF North American wildflower guide. I happen to have a PhD in toxicology, though no formal training in taxonomy, however plenty of work in biochemistry, genetics, and physiology.
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Fauna (especially invertebrate) and flora of eastern North America