Bruce Carlson

Waikiki Aquarium Director emeritus (retired)

About me

Ph.D. University of Hawaii, 1992
BSc. University of Michigan, 1971
University of the South Pacific, marine survey of Fiji archipelago, 1972- 1975
Waikiki Aquarium, Aquarist/Director, 1975-2002
Design Team/Director of Conservation, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, 2002-2011
Publications: new species of reef fishes, biology of Nautilus, coral culture techniques, whale sharks

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Bruce Carlson
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Curator qualifications

1. Ph.D., University of Hawaii 2. Director Emeritus, Waikiki Aquarium, Univ. of Hawaii 3. Director of Conservation (Emeritus), Georgia Aquarium 4. Numerous publications including descriptions of new species of coral reef fishes
Curation scope
Taxonomy, ecology and ethology of coral reef fishes, particularly of the Indo-West Pacific region.