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International beekeeper, traveler, writer. Cross pollinating relationships between people, places and ideas and documenting along the way.

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Megan Wannarka
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an enthusiast, an educator, a citizen scientist
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Learned beekeeping from a non-transitory commerical beekeeper in Minnesota and since then have worked with bees in Senegal, West Africa; Grenada, Eastern Caribbean, LIberia and hopeing to conintue to improve Tropical Beekeeping.

Through my travels I am collecting locally known bee plants and local names combining them with literature reviews, scienifitic papers and books on the matter through out the world.

Curation scope
I would love to create a few collections specifically for honey bee plants, specifically for pollen, honey and propolis as each is not correlated in each plant. I think this database would be wonderful to be curated in EOL as it has the most up to date information and could continually be added to for a world data base.