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  Common names: pearlfish (English), perlero (Espanol), pez-perla (Espanol)
Encheliophis vermicularis Müller, 1842

Finless pearlfish,     Worm pearlfish

Slender, short body, long slender tail; top margin of top jaw bone covered by skin, bound to side of head; no large canines at front of top and bottom jaws; upper jaw with row of strong curved teeth outside inner row of conical teeth; lower jaw with single row of conical teeth; no fleshy flap at snout tip; gill opening restricted to lower side, gill membranes united below; no developed gill rakers in the eastern Pacific species; dorsal and anal fins low, confluent with tail fin; dorsal origin well behind origin of anal; no pectoral fins; anus just before and anal fin origin under base of pectoral fin.

Dusky pink, shading to blackish purple grey on tail; lower body silver; iris grey-green.

Size: 15 cm.

Habitat: lives in the guts of Sea cucumbers, including Isostichopus fuscus.

Depth: 0-30 m?

An Indo-Pacific species; in our region found from the lower half of the Gulf of California to Ecuador, the Galapagos and Cocos.


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